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10 Foreign Films to Watch when The Oscars are Over


The Oscars are this Sunday, and while the Emma Stone plans her acceptance speech, we've been prepping ourselves too. No one wants to be that guy at the Oscar party who hasn't seen a single movie, so, as with every year, I'm sure you're trying to watch as many movies as possible within a week span. While you're in movie mode, we've got some recommendations of our own, and they aren't on the ballot.

Every year, nearly 90 countries enter their picks for Best Foreign Film, then the academy selects four films to compete for the grand prize. While none of the films from our Teach Abroad destinations were picked, these movies are not to be forgotten. So when you've made it through all of your Oscar nominees, we recommend taking a look at these fabulous film submissions from a few of our Teach Abroad locations. 

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